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  • Kastamonu GoTürkiye

    Located in Türkiye's western Black Sea region Kastamonu, is a one of the loveliest cities which embraces all shades of green and blue and would give you the impression of its ancient culture at every step you make. The mansions are an example of aesthetic civil architecture, the inns, the mosques and the social complexes are bearing the footsteps of their historic past, which is the ultimate proof of how the city is preserved in its original cultural identity. As there are too many historical artifacts and tombs, Kastamonu is known as Evliyalar City.Kastamonu is a rich destination that offers numerous experiences to explore, from its delicious local cuisine with a rich cultural heritage, valleys, canyons and waterfalls which were all formed by the Küre and Ilgaz Mountains (Küre ve Ilgaz Dağları). Located near the untouched bays along the 170-km Black Sea coast, the rich flora and fauna of its forests, and its endemic diversity.