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    Etli Ekmek 

    This pizza-like dish, which means "bread with meat", is one of Kastamonu's most delicious dishes. A thin layer of dough is rolled out and coated with minced meat, which is then is baked on iron plate. You will find Etli Ekmek in every restaurant in Kastamonu. So, we have prepared a list of Kastamonu's most famous and tasty dishes for you. Kastamonu has much more culinary delights to provide, each tastier than the other.


    This speciality is prepared with boiled turkey, minced walnuts, and dough pieces. The dough is cut into stripes and garnished with pieces of turkey meat, minced walnuts and bit of the turkey brew, and baked on the stove until the bottom side is crisp. Before serving it is drizzled with melted butter.

    Biryan Kebap

    The Biryan Kebap is usually served on weddings by the groom-side to the guests. This local delicacy is an irresistible enjoyment. The lambs are hanged into a pit oven and cooked slowly.

    Çekme Helva

    This dessert, known as Stretched Helva is unique to Kastamonu and a mix between Pişmaniye (cotton candy) and Saray Helva.  You will find Çekme Helva everywhere in Kastamonu. The city centre is full of Çekme Helva shops.

    Simit Tiridi

    For this dish, Simit dough is baked in the oven, and doused with bone broth and yoghurt with garlic.

    Patates Paçası 

    This is the dish through which the Taşköprü Garlic gained its fame. Mashed potatoes are mixed with starch, yoghurt, and garlic, which is the reason for its great taste, and then baked in the oven.

    Ekşili Pilav

    Ekşili Pilav basically translates as sour rice. Cooked fine bulgur and lentils are mixed with onion and butter. Bad news for the impatient: Ekşili Rice needs to be cooked very slowly at low heat.

    İnebolu Simidi 

    This simit is a delicacy of İnebolu, a popular district of Kastamonu. İnebolu Simidi (a kind of bagel bread) is indispensable item at breakfast. We recommend that you do not to leave the town without trying one. They are baked every morning in indigenous stone ovens and sold out immediately. Their most distinctive feature is that they are unlike other Turkish simit without sesame, and crunchy.

    Ecevit Soup

    Boiled rice, yoghurt, and eggs are slowly cooked under constant stirring, and finally drizzled with hot butter and spearmint. According to a legend, during the time when Bülent Ecevit served as Member of Parliament to Kastamonu, and the Surname Law was enacted, his father, Dr. Fahri Ecevit, adopted the surname Ecevit, because he was fascinated from the region and its history. In order to express their gratitude over this honour; the people of Kastamonu named one of their local soups Ecevit Soup (Ecevit Çorbası).

    Taşköprü Garlic

    The salubrious soils of Taşköprü are the source of the Taşköprü Garlic (Taşköprü Sarımsağı), which is extraordinarily rich in minerals and vitamins. The outer skin of the Taşköprü Garlic is white, and the inner skin of the cloves is pink, the garlic clove has a cream-yellow colour. Compared to other garlic species, it tastes more intense.